Namaste: Find Inner Peace At These Serene Travel Destinations

Namaste: Find Inner Peace At These Serene Travel Destinations
David Canales

People travel for all types of different reasons. To gain wordly experience, to find themselves, and to get away from the business and demands of their everyday lives and discover something a little more peaceful. 

Busy cities like Rome, New York, and London definitely have their benefits. They have beautiful landmarks, tons of fun people, and nights that never seem to end. But if you're looking for something a little less loud and a little more serene, there are tons of amazing travel destinations out there for you all over the world. 

Whether you want to stay in the country or venture way out of your comfort zone, you can find peace around any corner. The destinations on this list are naturally beautiful and so serene that they may bring a few tears to your eyes. 

Take a look, book a trip, and get zen at any of these amazing places! 

1. Uluru (Ayers Rock), Central Australia

Australia is known for being a land of many wonders. From their giant, terrifying spiders to their unbelievable beaches, people from all over the world migrate to the beautiful continent. 

Uluru National Park, Ayers Rock specifically, is a wonder so great and beautiful that you must see it in person at least once in your life. The giant rock is surrounded by miles of dessert and while it is a popular tourist spot, it is simply too amazing to pass up. 

2. Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, Germany

This castle looks like something straight out of a Disney feature film, but there is no movie magic involved in the making of this gorgeous scene. 

Located in Bavaria, Germany, Neuschwanstein Castle sits on a hill surrounded by lush greenery in the summer and beautiful fallen snow in the winter. 

While you can't actually spend the night in the castle, tours are almost always available. Honestly, even seeing it from afar is amazing enough if you can't manage to make your way down. 

3. Namib Desert in Sossusvlei, Namibia

Let's be real, the photo above totally looks like it belongs on a National Geographic cover. Located along the coast of southern Africa, the Namib Dessert isn't home to many attractions but the presence of endless red sand and clear skies makes everything else unnecessary. 

4. The Seegrotte in Hinterbrühl, Austria

One of the world's most beautiful sights is located in a small Austrian town that houses less than 5,000 people in any given year. 

The Seegrotte is an underground sea cave system that contains a large underground lake caused by a flooded mine. As the largest underground lake in Europe, The Seegrotte is open to boat tours and contains a long, rich history that never fails to captivate. 

5. Glacier Bay National Park in Alaska

Spanning well over 3 million acres, Glacier Bay National Park is the true definition of an American marvel. Located perfectly between the Gulf of Alaska and Canada, the park is home to nine huge glaciers, each just as beautiful as the next. 

Also home to humpback whales, dolphins, and sea lions, there is no such thing as a boring trip when it comes to Glacier Bay. 

6. Bora Bora, French Polynesia

If you are at all familiar with traveling or tropical destinations at all, odds are you've heard of Bora Bora before. 

The small Island in French Polynesia is full of swaying coconut trees, crystal blue waters, and gorgeous greenery. 

With the water-centric resorts and almost endless luxuries, Bora Bora is the perfectly place to wind down when you need to get away from everything. 

7. Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah

When it comes to canyons, it doesn't get anymore popular or iconic than The Grand Canyon. If something a little more low key and slightly less popular is more your style, Bruce Canyon is perfect for you. 

A huge expanse of giant natural rock, lush greenery, and not much else. This, not really a canyon, canyon is more than enough to make you feel small in the best way possible. 

8. Blue Lagoon in Southwestern Iceland

Have you ever wished your favorite spa was located completely outdoors in one of the most beautiful countries in the world? No? Well the Blue Lagoon is definitely about to change that. 

This Icelandic natural spa is filled with warm, gorgeous blue waters relax your mind and rejuvenate your skin. 

Traveling across the world just to visit a spa may seem a little excessive, but this trip is so, so worth it. 

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