No Excuses: You Can Do These 10 HIIT Workouts With No Equipment

No Excuses: You Can Do These 10 HIIT Workouts With No Equipment
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By now, everyone is well aware of how important exercise is. Even if you're not looking to get completely ripped and shredded, having a regular exercise regimen can keep you healthy for years to come. 

The amount of time and energy that it takes to physically get to the gym and the lack of home workout equipment are two frequent excuses used by people who think they don't have the time or resources to exercise regularly. 

Here at ArtBUFF, we like to encourage readers to kill the excuses and take action, especially when it comes to bettering themselves and their lives. These hardcore workouts are a great way to start doing that right now!

Intense, hardcore, and highly effective, these high intensity workouts can be done in your living room, your basement, and even your driveway with as little as your body and some serious determination. So what are you waiting for? It's time to get that butt in gear! 

1. 15 Minute Pyramid HIIT Workout

This video isn't afraid to jump straight in. No minutes of talking, no fancy intros, not even a specifically planned warmup. It requires you to be stretched and ready to work your butt off from the moment you start it. 

15-minutes of going up and down in reps, doing a dumber of different highly intensive exercises, all of which benefit different parts of your body, easily turn this video into a regular favorite. 

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