These Sweet Wedding Tattoos Will Make You Melt

These Sweet Wedding Tattoos Will Make You Melt
Alexandra Taylor

Much like marriage, tattoos are meant to be a life long commitment. Sure, there are steps you can take to get rid of both, but that doesn't diminish the inherently romantic nature that comes with committing yourself to something for the long haul. 

In the recent age of tattoos becoming more popular, accessible, and less culturally taboo, many couples have forgone traditional wedding rings for something as permanent as their vows. 

Wedding tattoos can range from simple lines around the traditional ring fingers to large expanses of color and artwork along the forearms. While happy couples aren't typically going under the gun at the alter in front of their friends and family, the trust, love, and intimacy that goes into deciding to spend your life and a space on your skin with someone is enough to make us choke up. 

If you're thinking of trying something similar with your partner or you just want to marvel at the boundless sweetness of love, check out these absolutely amazing wedding tattoos. 

1. Symbolism

Triangles symbolize many things, from moon stages, to the holy trinity, to the power of three. Whether this couple's adorable tattoos symbolize something common or something with their own special meaning, it is obvious that their identical marks, placed perfectly on their ring fingers, are symbolic of something larger than all of us. 

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