These Sweet Wedding Tattoos Will Make You Melt

These Sweet Wedding Tattoos Will Make You Melt
Alexandra Taylor

Much like marriage, tattoos are meant to be a life long commitment. Sure, there are steps you can take to get rid of both, but that doesn't diminish the inherently romantic nature that comes with committing yourself to something for the long haul. 

In the recent age of tattoos becoming more popular, accessible, and less culturally taboo, many couples have forgone traditional wedding rings for something as permanent as their vows. 

Wedding tattoos can range from simple lines around the traditional ring fingers to large expanses of color and artwork along the forearms. While happy couples aren't typically going under the gun at the alter in front of their friends and family, the trust, love, and intimacy that goes into deciding to spend your life and a space on your skin with someone is enough to make us choke up. 

If you're thinking of trying something similar with your partner or you just want to marvel at the boundless sweetness of love, check out these absolutely amazing wedding tattoos. 

1. Symbolism

Triangles symbolize many things, from moon stages, to the holy trinity, to the power of three. Whether this couple's adorable tattoos symbolize something common or something with their own special meaning, it is obvious that their identical marks, placed perfectly on their ring fingers, are symbolic of something larger than all of us. 

2. Thirteen Reasons

These tattoos may be a little bigger than more "traditional" wedding tats, but they are just as poignant. 

This quote from Jay Asher's famous "Thirteen Reasons Why" is full of love, wonder, and meaning for the happy couple. All things that make it perfect for a pair of gorgeous wedding tattoos. 

3. XO

X's and O's are the universal symbol for kisses and hugs. Sometimes it's used sarcastically but that doesn't diminish its cuteness. This couple put a fun, playful spin on their low key wedding tattoos, showing that simplicity is never overrated. 

4. Adventure Time

This fun couple combined their love of adventure and spontaneity with their love for each other in these gorgeous tattoos. 

The simple wrist tats are easy to show off but very lowkey at the same time and the differences in script and font showcase their different personalities. Ensuring that even in their union, their individuality always shines through. 

5. Tie The (Celtic) Knot

These simple Celtic wedding ring tattoos may not wrap all the way around the finger like their more traditional Celtic tattoo counterparts but they are no less gorgeous. 

Much like the triangle, these symbols can mean many things to many people, but to this couple it is clearly a symbol of their everlasting love. 

6. Joined

In classic literature and music composition, these curly brackets are used to symbolize things that are joined together. These perfectly placed, simple tattoos may not immediately resonate with everyone who sees them but it is easy to see just how much they mean to the happy couple they reside on. 

7. Save The Date

Instead of forgoing traditional wedding rings for wedding tattoos, this couple clearly decided to utilize both. They didn't symbolize their love with classic quote or subtle pictures, instead choosing to permanently pen the actual date of their wedding on their fingers forever in classic roman numerals. This idea is so adorable and simplistic we're almost mad we didn't think of it first. 

8. Two Halves

This couple is clearly a match made in cute, nerdy heaven. A little colorful, pixelated, and super symbolic, these little wedding tats very clearly show just how fondly these two view each other. 

9. Titles

These gorgeous tattoos are definitely straight and to the point but that doesn't make them any less gorgeous. The beautiful script, the perfect placement, you definitely can't miss the cuteness when it comes to this happy, newly married duo. 

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