15 Gorgeous Outdoor Wedding Ceremonies

15 Gorgeous Outdoor Wedding Ceremonies

There's nothing quite like being able to witness two people join hands and proclaim their love and loyalty to each other. Gorgeous gowns, good food, and the feel of love in the air are what make weddings special for everyone involved. Whether you're the one tying the knot or just a happy bystander, the memories of a beautiful wedding ceremony last a lifetime, and while traditional church-held ceremonies are still beautiful, there's something especially magical about a gorgeous outdoor wedding. Surrounded by nature and soothed by soft, calming breezes, these outdoor weddings are unforgettable.

Source: Elizabeth Anne Designs

Source: Rylee Hitchner

Source: Erica Camille

Source: Jerry Yoon Photography

Source: Eric Ronald

Source: Our Love is Loud

Source: Erica Camille

Source: Geneoh Photography

Source: Jessica Velarde

Source: Kate Holstein

Source: Ariel Renae Photography

Source: The Brauns

Source: Erica Camille

Source: Dylan and Sara Photography

Source: Hugh Forte

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